Mighty Delicious is a hardcover cookbook with full page color photos and fantastic recipes for lunch and dinner. There are recipes for salads, side dishes, chicken, fish, seafood, meat, pasta and desserts.

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Refreshing, easy and delicious recipes, beautifully photographed!

I got this book a few weeks ago and finally had the chance to try a few recipes. They were simple to make and delicious! If you love nutritious food that’s not too heavy, you’ll love this book. I also love the flexibility in the recipe, so I feel encouraged to experiment and tweak the recipe to my taste. The author is based in Scandinavia, I was worried about getting some of the ingredients in the US, so I was happy to see the book also offered alternatives to those ingredients. The book also contains lots of tips on herbs and spices, very informative for a causal cook like myself.

In summary, the book is well written, the recipes were delicious, and the food was beautifully photographed. Can’t wait to try out the rest of the recipes from this book! Five Stars! Peng Shi, USA

You Must Buy This Cookbook!

Not only mouth watering delicious recipes, but amazing photos as well! Johanna has combined art with luscious tasting and healthy good for you food recipes that will not disappoint! A must to have, a beautiful book in every way to turn to when you are trying to decide, what’s for dinner! A very talented cook and artist, she is creative and makes smart choices with her food choices and unique spices in this wonderful go to cookbook, when you are searching for a healthy and delicious meal! 5 stars! J Winters, USA

Beautiful Book Delicious Food For All

I thoroughly enjoy cooking, so I loved learning from this book, so straightforward and clear to understand exactly how to create beautiful delicious food. Each recipe has a gorgeous photograph, which is wonderful, professionally presented and conveys a real feel for the dish and the author’s wide range of knowledge and experience. There is something for all tastes and seasons in this book, I am already planning what to cook for whom, over the holidays and well into to next year, lots of super new ideas be it for a sumptuous feast or a quicker to create meal when time is limited.
The book also has a very well informed section about healthy living and precisely which ingredients to use to guarantee a taste sensation. I know lots of people of all ages who would learn so much from this book, it really is a gem of recipe book, and would make a perfect gift for someone. 5 stars! G, Scotland

I just recently received this incredible great cook book
with such great creative recipes,health tips and beautiful and magnificent Fine Art Food photography! Johanna’s book is like having a great chef and friend with you, as you learn her cooking secrets and have a special time in your kitchen creating culinary masterpieces! Hope you check out this incredible cook book; and get to know this great chef and incredible great multi-talented artist, who I call my Friend! Five Stars! Dee Jobes, Canada

Great recipes for those who love to cook and those who are learning!

This book is filled with recipes that will make healthy meals easy to accomplish! We all want to eat healthier, and Johanna’s cookbook makes that so uncomplicated. There are excellent instructions to complete a restaurant quality meal in your own kitchen. The book also contains many useful tips for spices, meats and fish. The detailed easy to follow recipes and beautifully photographed meals make this a cookbook that will be a wonderful addition to your kitchen. Five Stars! Suzanne Wilkinson, USA.

Wonderful recipes!
I have tried several of these recipes. The recipes are simple and easy to make, packed full of flavor and delicious! I love how the author also put the health benefits of all the ingredients in the back of the book. Highly recommended for simple, wonderful and tasty recipes! Five Stars! Alt123, USA

Beautiful, professional cookbook!

Received my cookbook today and it is very well made; sturdy cover and stunning food photography for the recipes. I have not read all the recipes yet but I’ve already found some of the first healthy and delicious meals I will make soon. Five stars! D Martz, USA

A Superb Effort

Johanna has produced a cookbook chock full of tasty and healthy recipes rich in both flavor and nutrition. You’ll find everything including salads, seafood and pasta dishes (just to name a few) to some lovely desserts. From the easy to follow recipes to the wonderful images of each dish, Johanna did it all as she is an accomplished photographer as well as cook. Another nice touch is her inclusion of health tips along with some ideas on how to set the perfect table. Hers is a cookbook of elegance and substance that will surely appeal to everyone, from the novice weekend cook to the seasoned chef. The title is the perfect description of the contents “Mighty Delicious”…well done Johanna! Five Stars! Jim Love, USA.

Delicious Healthy Meals

Mighty Delicious is full of not only healthy, delicious recipes that are easy to make but also helpful cooking and nutrition tips. Each recipe is accompanied by a photograph taken by the author herself. For someone like myself that doesn’t cook a lot, it is refreshing to find a cookbook that has easy to make recipes that are both healthy and delicious!
Five Stars! Dana Hardy, USA.

Delicious recipes and fabulous photos!

Beautifully laid out and exquisitely photographed, this cookbook comes with easy to read and easy to follow recipes using everyday items. Each recipe has a full page photo accompanying it. There are helpful ideas throughout and a conversion chart, which was appreciated. Nicely done!
Five Stars! Richard Bryce, USA.

Delicious and Easy!

“Great recipes! I tried the shrimp, pasta and
capers. Very easy to make. And was delicious!
I love the way Johanna gives explicit details on each recipe.
This would make a great gift or just a great cookbook for yourself.” 5 stars! Judy Jones, USA.

Johanna’s recipes sound delicious and I can’t wait to try them for myself.  They are so easy to follow even a novice like me will have a tasty meal. The hints and tips are very useful, especially for someone starting out on their own. Knowing what utensils to buy and what ingredients to have in the store cupboard will surely save money on unnecessary items. This book is the perfect gift for a wedding couple or someone leaving home for the first time. Bravo!”
Terri Waters. UK

“Johanna’s wonderful cookbook is a tasty blend of healthy and delicious recipes! Seasoned with just the right touch of wise nutritional advice and inspirational words and fabulous photographs, her recipes will enrich your lives with good health and joy.” Five stars!
Anita Pollak. USA

THE ADVENTURES OF THE PICASSOFISH is a colorful children’s picture book with beautiful underwater photography. The story of the Picassofish and his adventures is charming and fun. Through the story, children learn about the fish in the Red Sea. More than twenty-five amazing photographs of sea life illustrate the book.

Children will learn about the significance of our oceans and their coral reefs. In addition, they learn about the importance of friendship, helping others and being curious. All these themes are important things in life.

THE ADVENTURES OF THE PICASSOFISH will become a favorite for all children at story time. It could very well be the first step to open the door for someone to become a photographer, marine biologist, diver or scientist.

You can order this book from Amazon US, UK, DE, FR and many more online stores.


If you could only use one word to describe this book, that word would be “Delightful”! Johanna has crafted a work that would be a joy for any child to call their own. A charming story that highlights the importance of friendship and kindness written in a style children will easily understand and comprehend. Featuring stunning undersea (Red Sea) photography captured by the author herself this is the type of book youngsters will return to again and again. In a world fraught with turmoil it’s heartening to have this positive message for both the young, and the young at heart. Share this with the ones you hold most dear…your children. Again one word, “Delightful”! Five Stars! J Love, USA.

I bought copies of this book to give to the daughter of a friend as well as to my local library. It is beautifully photographed and has a sweet story of Pete the Picassofish going around to see all his friends. I can imagine my friend reading this book a few pages at a time to her little girl, as it is long enough to stretch over several days, and in time the little girl will be able to read it for herself. I hope it will become a treasured part of her library. Five stars! J L Kingston, USA.

I just read and thoroughly enjoyed “The Adventures Of The Picassofish.” It is a wonderful tale of Pete the Picassofish and his daily adventures and interactions with his many Fish friends, who all have names and darling personalities. All the beautiful wonderful photos are taken by the author, Johanna Hurmerinta. A wonderful book for all ages. Five stars! Lisa Jane, USA.

I purchased this book for my granddaughter’s eighth birthday. She loved it! She said that Pete went on a lot of cool adventures. She thought the pictures were super pretty. She especially liked the picture of the jellyfish. She hopes that Johanna will write more stories about Pete and his friends. She would like to learn more about the different fish in the Red Sea.
Thank you Johanna for creating a lovely book for my grandchildren to enjoy! I will be buying more copies as birthdays roll around. Five stars! Amazon customer, USA.

Follow along on an adventure to the Red Sea with Pete the Picassofish. In this journey you meet Pete’s many friends and learn a lot about them too! The photos are an added bonus and were all taken by the author herself – how lucky! I enjoyed meeting Pete and will look for his next adventure! Five Stars! Kidlib, USA.

Children will love the pictures and storyline. Children will love the fish images and the story line of the Picassofish. My granddaughter loves reading this book with me. Five Stars! Alt123, USA.


Dive into the magical underwater world. THE COLORFUL CORAL REEF is a children’s picture book with exotic and beautiful photography. This book is for the young children 1-3 years of age.

Stunning color photos of the jellyfish, the stingray, the butterflyfish, the angelfish, the picassofish, the clownfish and a few other charming fish introduce the very youngest explorers to the wonders of the underwater world.

In addition to the wonderful underwater photographs, this picture book tells simple facts to keep young children and their parents charmed from the first page to the last.

THE COLORFUL CORAL REEF will become a favorite for young children at story time and bedtime.

You can order this book from Amazon US, UK, DE, FR and many more online stores.

The colorful coral reef


“Johanna Hurmerinta has produced a delightful book with amazing photos about sea life that is sure to spark curiosity and inspire the young mind. 5 stars!”

Alana Thrower, USA

“This beautifully photographed children’s book has large, easy-to-read text that tells about the creatures that live in the Red Sea. The language is appropriate for children who are just learning to read or for parents to read to younger kids. 5 stars!” JL Kingston, USA.

“This is a great introduction to the many animals of the coral reef, with large print and fun information. Even I learned a thing or two! The photos taken by the author are an added bonus. 5 stars!” Kidlib, USA.

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