Picassokalan Seikkailut lasten kuvakirja

Picassokalan Seikkailut – The Adventures Of the Picassofish on hauska ja värikäs lasten kuvakirja, jonka tarina vie lukijan pinnan alle Punaisenmeren kauniille ja jännittävälle koralliriutalle.

Kirja on hauska tapa oppia englantia. Upeat valokuvat antavat tarinalle jännän kuvituksen. Kirja voi hyvinkin olla lapsen ensi askel tulevaisuuden ammatin miettimiseen 🙂

Kirja voi innostaa opiskelemaan tulevaisuudessa tiedettä, tutkmisustyötä, valokuvausta, kirjoittamista tai meribiologiaa.

Kirjan voi tilata Suomen Adlibrikseltä. Tässä on linkki.

Johanna has taken her love of the beautiful underwater world and paired it with simple life lessons about friendship. Her story shows us the joy of being a friend while experiencing the wonders of ocean life through her incredible photography.

Suzanne Wilkinson, USA

I would buy this book for my grandchildren. It is lovely in every way. The photography captures colorful scenes from under the sea. The story introduces many unusual and beautiful fish. Their adventures together foster friendship and the importance of being kind. A treasure for any child’s library!

Alana Thrower, USA

“Your writing is so charming and so perfect for children, when I was reading it I could imagine a parent reading it to their child as a bedtime story. And I just loved the names you gave all of the different fish. It was wonderful how you wrote about friendship and kindness in a way that children can easily understand. A wonderful combination of a charming story and beautiful photography… this is superb work Johanna”

Jim Love, USA

“The Adventures of the Picassofish offers an entertaining story with beautiful photographs, actually taken by the author, about the fish living in the Red Sea. The book not only entertains the young reader, but also has factual information about the fish and lessons on behavior that will carry the reader through their childhood.”

Diana Lindon Coy, USA

”If you could only use one word to describe this book, that word would be ‘Delightful’! Johanna has crafted a work that would be a joy for any child to call their own. A charming story that highlights the importance of friendship and kindness written in a style children will easily understand and comprehend. Featuring stunning undersea (Red Sea) photography captured by the author herself this is the type of book youngsters will return to again and again. In a world fraught with turmoil it’s heartening to have this positive message for both the young, and the young at heart. Share this with the ones you hold most dear…your children. Again one word, ‘Delightful’!”

JimmyBill, USA

”Follow along on an adventure to the Red Sea with Pete the Picassofish. In this journey you meet Pete’s many friends and learn a lot about them too! The photos are an added bonus and were all taken by the author herself – how lucky! I enjoyed meeting Pete and will look for his next adventure!”

Richard Bryce, USA